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What type of organizational structure does Coca-Cola have? 

The Coca-Cola Company has a Separate International Division Structure because its international staffs operate separately and in isolation from head office. It has various divisions in all continents around the world with presidents that control each continental division. Coca-Cola has 5 continental divisions.
  • Eurasia & Africa Group
  • Europe Group
  • Latin America Group
  • North America Group
  • Pacific Group
Each Continental division has vice presidents that control sub-divisions based on regions or countries. This structure is efficient for Coca-Cola since it is a very large company.

How do they operate?

Coca-Cola is as an ethnocentric MNC because its domestic operations are very similar to its international operations. Regardless of the country or region, Coca-Cola operates the same way and sells the same brand and type of soft drink. The company has tight control over its operations from head office.